GAMURS Group focuses on both breaking news and timeless content. We pride ourselves on the trustworthy and reliable information we publish and the communities that it helps thrive. Currently, we're seeking experienced Content Managers/Senior Writers to help us on our mission to create informative, interesting, and high-quality content across a variety of websites and verticals covering gaming, entertainment, and fandoms. These positions are remote and open to anyone, anywhere, but being based in India or a similar time zone is a bonus.

Roles may include, but not be limited to, writing, editing, managing freelance budgets, commissioning content, and managing day-to-day operations of specific beats, verticals, and editorial projects. In leadership positions, you may be required to lead, engage with, and grow the site's staff along with handling pitches and ensuring high-quality articles are being published.

GAMURS Group prides itself on having international teams filled with passionate and dedicated members. This is a fantastic opportunity for individuals experienced in editorial, and especially those passionate about the games and entertainment industries.

What we're looking for:

  • One or more years in a senior writing or editorial role
  • Knowledge of gaming, entertainment, or an adjacent industry that is demonstrably deep
  • Experience covering major events, releases, or topics of interest with various types of articles (listicles, guides, news, etc.)
  • Experience growing a website, vertical, or beat with strategic and high-quality content
  • Knowledge of AP Style
  • Familiarity with tools like WordPress, Slack, Trello, Chartbeat, and Google Analytics
  • Existing PR and talent connections within the industry are a bonus!

Applying to our Content Manager and Senior Writer application allows us to consider your resume for multiple positions including those that may open in the future.

When applying to this position, please provide us with 1-3 writing samples or a link to a portfolio along with a cover letter explaining your experience, skill set, and the positions/roles you specialize in. Along with this we require a cover letter that tells us the following: what topics/beats you currently specialize in or have in-depth knowledge of (video games, TV, politics, online personalities, memes & internet news, celebrity culture, etc.), as well as providing specifics within that topic (or topics) - for example if you're comfortable writing about video games, it's useful for us to know which games, franchises, companies, consoles, etc. you're most knowledgeable about.

At GAMURS, we promote a friendly and supportive work environment to ensure our employees are always learning and improving. We embody our values of honesty, openness, innovation, and initiative.

Information provided to GAMURS through the completion of this form will only be used for emails about opportunities for freelance and full-time work with digital brands on the GAMURS network. The information provided will only be accessible by senior editors and content leaders, and will be retained for 12 months starting from the date that the information was submitted, after which your information will be deleted.